BIFMA Member Reported Statistical Program

The BIFMA Statistical Program includes the collection and distribution of Office Furniture Products & Specialty (non-office furniture) Products sales data.  Industry overview summaries are available to all BIFMA members. Detailed reports are available monthly, quarterly, and annually for those members contributing data to the statistical program.

Product Categories

The objective of the BIFMA Statistics Program is consistent reporting amongst 100% of the industry. To accomplish this it is critical that each participating company accurately and consistently report data against the correct major and detail product categories. Product data can be reported on two levels, 11 A-level major categories and 47 B-level detailed product categories.

As you review your company’s products, you may discover that some can fit into more than one category. When possible this allocation should be made, when not possible the category that approximates the original design intent should be used. Once again, reporting consistently is of prime importance.


The purpose of this document is to serve as a guideline and reference for you the data provider to the BIFMA Statistical Program. It is primarily aimed at new members and new data providers. It contains definitions and concepts to help you determine what is expected.


Monthly North American Market Pulse, Quarterly Geographic Market Statistics, Quarterly A-level Product Category, Quarterly B-level Product Category and Annual Geographic Reports will be released using member reported data.

ED Market Furniture - Data Program