BIFMA Statistical Program Product Category List

The objective of the BIFMA Statistics Program is consistent reporting amongst 100% of the industry. To accomplish this it is critical that each participating company accurately and consistently report data against the correct major and detail product categories.

Product data can be reported on two levels: 

  • 11 major (A level) categories
  • 47 detailed product (B level) categories

As you review your company’s products, you may discover that some can fit into more than one category.  In this case, the category that approximates the original design intent should be used. Once again, reporting consistently is of prime importance.  To view product images and definitions, please click on the detailed product categories below. For a list of only the product definitions click here.

Work Chairs

Other Chairs/Seating/Stools

Lounge Seating


Work Tables

Workspaces - Freestanding Desks

Workspaces - Casegood Systems

Workspaces - Panel-Based Systems

Workspaces - Non Panel-Based Systems

Workspace Accessories

Specialty (non-office) Products

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