Chair Measurement Device

BIFMA members are evaluating a new Chair Measurement Device (CMD) that is now recognized by the International Standards Organization (ISO). Measurements with the new ISO CMD are per ISO Technical Report 24496:2012 Office furniture - Office work chairs - Methods for the determination of dimensions. A round robin study of this device and method has been completed at Advanced Furniture Testing in Holland, Michigan. If you are interested in information from this study, please contact Dave Panning at BIFMA. 

Independent consultant Tom Rademaker hosted eight training videos on how to use the ISO CMD per ISO TR 24496:2012 which you may view below.



Placing the CMD in the Chair

Lumbar Measurement

Angle Measurement: Part I

Angle Measurement: Part II

Minimum/Maximum Discussion

Dimensions with CMD in the Chair

Dimensions with CMD Removed from the Chair

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