Continuing Education

Understanding standards can be a complex undertaking. BIFMA is committed to providing educational content to design professionals in need of continuing education units (CEUs). Each course we offer is unique, but leverages the organization’s significant knowledge base related to safety, performance, sustainability, and wellness of commercial furniture.

Attributes of Contract Furniture CEU

What drives furniture decisions in the commercial built environment? Key attributes are: Aesthetics, Quality, Craftsmanship, Safety, Performance, Health & Wellness, Sustainability, and Verification. These eight key attributes of commercial furniture are explored and explained for their impact on decision-making for the design professional wanting to make informed selections with safety, sustainability, and wellness at the forefront. The course content will include the importance of original design, an overview of wood and upholstery manufacturing construction methods, impacts on user health & wellness, sustainability of commonly used materials, and the role of certification schemes and evaluation tools to verify each attribute.


This continuing education course covers the basics of BIFMA’s e3 Furniture Sustainability Standard, which is the basis for LEVEL certification. The content defines what LEVEL measures, how it works, and how it goes above and beyond other rating systems for addressing furniture’s ecological, social, and wellness impacts. Designers will understand how to find LEVEL certified products and easily include them in the furniture selection process at no added cost.

Demystifying Furniture’s Role in Sustainability CEU

A mind-boggling number of environmental standards exist. It seems each day something is greener, better, and calling louder than the standards of years past. This course clarifies the process by defining and comparing leading programs on the market and then explaining the role of sustainable furniture within each. The course overlays the LEVEL rating system and explains its application and relevance to help demystify furniture’s role in sustainability.



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