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May 2020 Update
Given the impact of COVID-19 on many manufacturers, test labs and the furniture industry at large, BIFMA's Board of Directors has postponed the public launch of the BIMFA Compliant registry until March 1, 2021.

When launched, BIFMA Compliant will be the commercial furniture industry’s registry of standards-conforming products.

The program is being developed to help easily identify products that can be trusted for their safety and durability.

Program Elements
  • The program will cover nine mechanical standards that focus on safety and durability.
  • The program will be open to both BIFMA Members as well as non-member companies, with discounted pricing available to member companies..
  • Testing must be conducted in an ISO 17025 accredited test lab with the relevant BIFMA standard(s) in the Scope of Accreditation. The lab may be a 1st party (in-house) or 3rd party lab.
  • Test reports will be subject to random audits by BIFMA staff.
  • A company executive must sign a formal agreement with BIFMA to participate.
  • An aggregated product registry will list conforming products by manufacturer on a new website.
  • Participating manufacturers may use a trademarked “BIFMA Compliant” mark for their products and marketing materials.

Members of the BIFMA Marketing and Technical Committees have prepared for the program roll-out. These activities include: identifying and protecting the mark, creating usage guidelines, conducting pilot runs for the website registry, and working with legal counsel on manufacturer agreements.

BIFMA anticipates beginning to execute agreements in November 2020 and opening up the website registry for loading of compliant product information by year-end.

Program requirements are identical for members and non-members of the organization, though pricing and billing conventions vary. Full details of the program, including Agreement (contract to participate), Program Scheme (rule set), a copy of the Conformance Requirements, along with Usage Guidelines for declaring product conformance can be viewed by clicking the associated links.

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